Milk Bottles

Milk Bottles

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How fat is your cat gonna get?

Milk packaging has become boring over the years – we only see milk in bottles, sachets or the boxes long-life milk is packaged in. We wanted to bring back the old-school glass bottles we had when it was still delivered personally by a milkman every day.

But we couldn’t stop at just putting milk into glass bottles; we wanted to add something new, something unique. What we decided on was “What type of cat would drink this milk?” As everyone knows, milk generally comes in 3 varieties: full fat, low fat and fat free.

We tied each of these to 3 different cats: Gerald (the indulgent cat) only drinks full fat milk, Tom (the sensible cat) prefers low fat milk and Helen (the active, health-conscious cat) refuses to drink anything but fat free milk.
Each of these cats has a personality and style that is evident through both seeing them on the bottles and reading the copy on the back that we feel exemplifies the reason certain people buy certain types of milk.

Designed by: Kale Tyler Brower, South Africa.


Milk Bottles

Milk Bottles2

Milk Bottles3

Milk Bottles4

Milk Bottles5

Milk Bottles6


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