Milk & Honey Land

Milk & Honey Land

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Packaging design for russian local farm.

City dwellers are fed up with cliches. We no longer believe in the charm of ‘French’ bakeries and ‘Italian’ pizza restaurants. We look for real emotions, not for just another craft, heritage or vintage pastiche.

‘Milk and honey land’ performs as a distributor for several farms, delivering to its customers meat, poultry, milk, bread …and emotions — adorable for their innocence & naivete.

Designed by: Vera Zvereva, Russia.


Milk & Honey Land

Milk & Honey Land2

Milk & Honey Land3

Milk & Honey Land4

Milk & Honey Land5

Milk & Honey Land6

Milk & Honey Land7

Milk & Honey Land8

Milk & Honey Land9

Milk & Honey Land10

Milk & Honey Land11


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