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Starting point for this packaging project was the typeface Masala by Xavier Dupré.

We were supposed to create a brand and product range of three items based on
the character and features of this typeface. Due to the “creamy”
appearance of the script styles, I decided to come up with sweet dairy products.

So I imagined MILLI, an austrian brand which produces its products with organic
milk from mountain farmers only. MILLI’s aim is to support small dimensioned farmer businesses because
they cultivate and form rural regions in the mountains and take care of the local environment.
To illustrate that, each product comes with a decorative print of rare mountain flowers and herbs and a small booklet to communicate Milli’s philosophy and information about the illustrated plant. The
concept of high-value materials and print should encourage the consumer to re-use the packaging.

Designed by: Corinna Weigl, Austria.


Milli 2

Milli 3

Milli 4

Milli 5

Milli 6

Milli 7

Milli 8

Milli 9

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