Minglemoose Brand Identity

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Brand Identity Design
Just like air, water is an essential source of vitality. We always hear that we need to drink at least two liters of water a day but for many of us it’s a hard thing to do. And the reason for that is that drinking plain water is so boring!

Minglemoose provides you with an original solution that will make drinking the necessary amount of water easy and pleasant. From now on, you will associate drinking water with a creative and fun process that will give you joy and a new taste of life every day.

The company aims at making you feel good and develop the proper water-drinking habit. By starting to take care of your healthy lifestyle with the use of the Minglemoose infused water bottle, you will not only develop a healthy habit but will also greatly improve you quality of life.
Agency: Noir Parliament, Lithuania.
Client: Minglemoose


Minglemoose Minglemoose Brand Identity2

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