Nubia Spa Vert

Nubia Spa Vert

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Packaging for a new skin-care line line using natural, 100% bio ingredients. The packaging had to convey the freshness of the ingredients and the artisanal nature of the products, while also staying contemporary and being easily differentiated from other organic products on the market.

Designed by: Alex Nereuta, Canada.


Nubia Spa Vert

Nubia Spa Vert2

Nubia Spa Vert3

Nubia Spa Vert5

Nubia Spa Vert6

Nubia Spa Vert7

Nubia Spa Vert8

Nubia Spa Vert9

Nubia Spa Vert10

Nubia Spa Vert11

Nubia Spa Vert12

Nubia Spa Vert13

Nubia Spa Vert14

Nubia Spa Vert15

Nubia Spa Vert16

Nubia Spa Vert17

Nubia Spa Vert18

Nubia Spa Vert19



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