Obrist - Mystère

Obrist – Mystère

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Obrist is a Swiss wine merchant since 1854, who grew into a wine maker in one of the most renowned winegrowing region of Switzerland. Nowadays Obrist is a key player as a trader and as a producer in the country. Considering themselves as real craftsmen, they are committed to the respect of the terroirs and traditions, defining wine as a result of an intimate relationship between men and nature.

Obrist hired Cheeeeese (Switzerland) to work on the visual identity of various product ranges, notably on labels design.
Our team succeeded in putting forward the values of history, heritage and authenticity through their designs.

In order to enhance this mysterious high-end cuvee, the deliberately sleek and refined design was inspired by a message in the bottle. The watercolour paper type used for the label seems held by a rope. The text is deconstructed with some reversed character as well as the text on the back of the bottle is shown in an unconventional way of reading, emphasising the mystery.

Designed by: Cheeeeese! Happy Designers, Switzerland.


Obrist - Mystère

Obrist - Mystère2

Obrist - Mystère3

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