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Situated on the slopes of Table Mountain, St Cyprian’s School, founded by Bishop Robert Gray, first Anglican Bishop of Cape Town in 1871, is widely recognized as one of Cape Town’s leading independent girls’ school. The outline of the map of Africa on the majestic mountain is visible from the school’s hockey field and is a strong reminder that they are a school rooted in, and representative of Africa. A modern African school with a proud heritage, St Cyprian’s School has a strong emphasis on community partnership and outreach. Whitespace was asked to design Olive Oil packaging for the St Cyprian’s School. There is a cyprus tree in the middle of the school that is pivotal to their tradition. The school celebrates its heritage once a year, during “St Cyprian’s Day”. The wrap design draws inspiration from this tradition through the delicate imagery used. The design encompases all that St Cyprian’s represents- the natural and pure goodness of the olive oil is portrayed in the design. The use of wood grain and colour palette creates a warm and homely feeling. The image also reflects the St. Cyprians School’s Cross of Nails achievement. Being one of only four school’s world-wide. The organic aesthetic of the design is coupled with an elegant, clean and simplistic tone.

Agency: Whitespace Creative, South Africa.
Client: St Cyprian’s School
Description: Label design

Creative director: Sean Harrison
Contributing Creatives: Danica Ricciardi







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