Pang Pang Brewery

Pang Pang Brewery

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PangPang Brewery
Packaging of a summer beer series for Sweden’s #1 micro brewery
Intro: By the age of 23, oddball Fredrik Tunedal tattooed PangPang on his knuckles to celebrate that he had founded PangPang Brewery – Sweden’s #1 microbrewery. The brewery has a passion for hand brewed beers and in the summer of 2014 he wanted to release a summer beer series.
Solution: We helped PangPang Brewery with the packaging design. We built the concept around tiki and named the beers Cocojambo, Pelekane, Bamboleo, Libertango, Playa del Drevviken, Waikiki, Flamingo-GO, and Tiki Tango. We aim to help PangPang outbeat its competitors through the use of smart branding and gorgeous design. Our client-agency journey has just started, but stick around – the story continues!

Designed by: Snask, Sweden.


Pang Pang Brewery1

Pang Pang Brewery2

Pang Pang Brewery3

Pang Pang Brewery4

Pang Pang Brewery5

Pang Pang Brewery6

Pang Pang Brewery




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