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Design and development for the logo and packaging restyling of breadsticks line Sfizzi Valdadige.

In 2014 Soda Studio has designed and developed a new identity of Panificio Zorzi’s breadsticks line Sfizzi Valdadige. The goal was to differentiate the product packaging from the other competitors through an attractive visual that would celebrate the lightness value of the product. Discover more here.

Client: Panificio Zorzi
Project: Sfizzi Valdadige
Agency: Soda Studio
Shooting: Soda Studio
Year: 2014


Sfizzi Valdadige

Sfizzi Valdadige2

Sfizzi Valdadige3

Sfizzi Valdadige4

Sfizzi Valdadige5

Sfizzi Valdadige6

Sfizzi Valdadige7

Sfizzi Valdadige8

Sfizzi Valdadige9

Sfizzi Valdadige10



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