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Papaya Tau-ke

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Papaya Tau Ke !! “combines the name of original production country, Nantou and the meaning of boss (Tau ke) in traditional Taiwanese. This name not only shows the down to earth and friendly spirit of Taiwanese growers, but also gives people familiar and Friendly feelings about our product. Papaya is one of the most nutrient-rich fruit; also also lots lots of benefits for breastfeeding mothers. “Milkya Berry” package design goals to be the best present for a breastfeeding mom, so the shape is curved Like guradis and the images are related to new-born child. “Solaya Berry” contains a jar of papaya salad made of green papaya. We use vortex structure to achieve light packaging, environmental friendly, and careful protection. Process of papaya salad in simple style. Fresh papaya package design focus on helping people identify when is the best timing to have papaya.

Designed by: Huan da ChenJia Ru Huang張 郁佳, Taiwan.


Papaya Tau-ke

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