Pida 2016 Finalist – Mapa Baby Monitor Packaging

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Our contribution to Packagaging impact design awards 2016.
The brief was called “Electronic connection”, and entailed to eliminate plastic but keep the funtion and needs of a blister package. It should also include new technology to connect the consumer with the product.

We created a package for a baby monitor and invented a fictive brand called Mapa.

In the package there are two boxes containing a camera and a monitor, bonded with a sleeve.
The sleeve complicates theft as it is impossible to remove unnoticed.

To help consumers in decideing to buy the product we encorporated a thecnical funtion on the package. With your phone you scan a icon, this will send you to a information movie with facts about the product and how to use the product.
There is also an app avaible to help the consumer use the product.

The box containing the monitor part can be used as a docking station giving the package a second life.

Designed by: Nina Klose, Lotta Gidlund, Camilla Edlund, Charlie Nyrjä, Sweden.














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