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Quinta das Bordaleiras

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“In the highest mountain on the Portuguese mainland, we find a single taste resulting of ancestral co-existence between the man and the natural environment.
– The Serra da Estrela cheese.”

The DOP Quinta das Bordaleiras aims to be a show of the true traditional flavor of the Serra da Estrela cheese. Manufactured and packed by hand by cheese factories from Seia, our proposal is characterized by the search for a symbiosis between the label and the pattern, reflected graphically on the use of cardoon as a major element of the packaging paper. Considering this, we try to exalt the sensorial nature that surrounds the whole process of cheese production, giving it not only a pragmatic character, as well as a distinctive role in their environment.

Designed by: Another Collective, Portugal.


Quinta das Bordaleiras


Quinta das Bordaleiras3


Quinta das Bordaleiras4


Quinta das Bordaleiras6


Quinta das Bordaleiras8

Quinta das Bordaleiras9


Quinta das Bordaleiras11

Quinta das Bordaleiras12

Quinta das Bordaleiras13

Quinta das Bordaleiras14

Quinta das Bordaleiras15

Quinta das Bordaleiras16

Quinta das Bordaleiras17

Quinta das Bordaleiras18




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