Roasting Masters

Roasting Masters

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Roasting Masters, a coffee roasting company in Seoul asked Studio CFC to develop a brand identity & package for their new business, bean to bar chocolate.

Considering the situation that Roasting Masters has been successfully run for 10 years in coffee industry in Korea and their name was also relevant for bean to bar business, we decided to keep their name and revitalize the brand identity instead of creating new one.

When revitalizing brand identity, we tried to keep their visual essence in a sophisticated and modern way.  We created a solid logo and put a cacao in which used to be a coffee bean.

For the chocolate packaging, we researched visual heritage from Latin America, where all beans for Roasting Masters are from. We made vivid color palettes and drew patterns inspired by Latin culture. We also developed illustrations introducing ‘bean to bar’ for those who are not familiar with it.

Designed by: Charry Jeon, ContentFormContext, Saerom Kang, KIWOONG HONG, Korea.


Roasting Masters

Roasting Masters2

Roasting Masters3

Roasting Masters4

Roasting Masters5

Roasting Masters6

Roasting Masters7

Roasting Masters8

Roasting Masters9

Roasting Masters10

Roasting Masters11

Roasting Masters12

Roasting Masters13

Roasting Masters14

Roasting Masters15

Roasting Masters16

Roasting Masters17

Roasting Masters18

Roasting Masters19

Roasting Masters20

Roasting Masters21

Roasting Masters22

Roasting Masters23

Roasting Masters24

Roasting Masters25

Roasting Masters26

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