Sam loves Betty

Sam loves Betty

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UK based, startup company, Biocidetech commissioned product designer Yiannis Ghikas to design the packaging of their first line of products that will soon be launched under the unexpected name “Sam Loves Betty”.

Biocidetech’s chemical engineer Konstantinos Gouliaris has created a line of bio anti-insect formulas based entirely on natural substances.

According to the brief the packaging should not demonstrate efficacy through toxicity, an approach that is used by all the existing products of this category.“We don’t want the users to keep our products away immediately after they use them considering them as dangerous for themselves”.

The Athens based designer approached the project using a number of design parameters such as form, pattern, color and texture.

The containers are designed in a two-part format. At the upper part are displayed all the visual information, like the logo, the description and the ingredients, all created by graphic designer Aris Pasouris. Also the relevant insect that each product corresponds to is represented using dots derived from cross-stitched motifs. The user, this way, gets the necessary information about the product avoiding a more realistic and perhaps repulsive image of an insect, a cockroach etc.

At the lower part a floral pattern is placed (reference to the formula’s vegetable derivation), using embossed braille like dots, trying to communicate the familiarity of tradition but also the feeling of a high tech contemporary product.

The comlpete line of products includes also a moth repellant and a mosquito repellant liquid re-fill plugin.

Graphic design: Aris Pasouris, Greece
Copywriter: Sissy Caravia
Photos: math studio
Mold makers: Agelopoulos bros
Printing: Lombardias bros


Sam loves Betty

Sam loves Betty2

Sam loves Betty3

Sam loves Betty4

Sam loves Betty5




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