Santorini Earth Goods

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Molivi developed the brand identity and packaging design for Santorini Earth Goods, a product series produced by Nomikos Estate. The series includes food products cultivated in the rocky and volcanic soil of Santorini. The line had to manifest a premium style while linking back to the products’ natural and unique origin.

Inspired by the successive layers and various hues of the minerals found in the soil of Santorini, molivi developed a minimalistic geometric pattern that became the core visual element of the series. The simple design and earthly colour palette clearly articulates the products’ value while giving them a distinctive look and feel that makes them stand out from the rest of the products cultivated in Santorini.

The savoury delicacies are packed in small glass jars, covered by a transparent label that includes the logo, product name and geometric pattern of the soil. For the split peas molivi used paper packaging and a cutout window to integrate the product in our visual, like a piece of earth, the earth of Santorini.

Designed by: molivi design studio, Greece.









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