Skuimsnor Craft Beer

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The concept is based on the product experience. Skuim Snor refers to the froth on a person’s upper lip when they sip on beer from a glass. The froth of a beer is called the head. For most beer drinkers the head is a very important aspect. It provides the aroma of the beer and gives it an aesthetic look. The head is produced during fermentation. A designated beer glass is also important. Without a glass there would be no head. A glass is thus used for proper foam formation and it accommodates the head of the beer. Head reduction could occur if the glass has drops of water in from being washed and not drip-dried properly, or from fatty foods, fingers or nearby cooking. The target market for craft beer drinkers is mostly men between the ages of 18 to 49. With the concept of a moustache was lead to a target audience of blue collar workers (construction, police, fishermen etc). They are tough men who enjoy their beers after a long day of work. The bottle used for Skuim Snor is slightly bigger than the average beer bottle (500ml) and has a dark label on it. The men’s hands might be dirty so the darker label would not show stains easily. The secondary packaging is also very simple as these men don’t have the time to struggle with a box or paper packaging before they get to their beer. It could also refer to some of their tools that they work with as it is made from an aluminium pipe and rope. The promotional items include a handerchief (to wipe the front down), a t-shit, a bottle opener, a designated beer glass and a poster.

Designed by: Letitia van Heerden, South Africa.

















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