SLIP — Modular Ceramics

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In this project I wanted to use all my knowledge and experience in graphic design to produce physical objects. I have created a collection of modular ceramics based on the elements of my STRUCTURA typeface. The final outcome turned out to be multidisciplinary. It lies between typography and product design, digital technology and handicraft. From the conceptual point of view I explored the idea of “human error”. Nowadays, when everything can be perfectly produced via a click of a mouse, the hand-made products have obtained the specific value of unique objects. Even the little faults inherent in such things have become the indexical signs of the human soul. The name of the collection — SLIP — combines in itself several meanings: a mistake, a sliding movement and the actual process of casting ceramics.

Designed by: Vika Nurislamova, Russia.



Vika Nurislamova_SLIP2-071

Slip ceramics sliiip.xyz

Slip ceramics sliiip.xyz

Slip ceramics sliiip.xyz




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