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Smells like … Something tasty !

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Lovely package for this awesome soap project. This project includes branding and packaging.

Due to the purposes of the plan I named this soap ‘Smells like …’. That is very natural and delicately smelling soap with 100% natural ingridients, very good texture and pretty care about skin.

Soap has four tastes, Broody ( rosemary&pine ), Dreamy ( black salt & wood ), Feat ( citrus & mint ), Vital ( anise & peppermint ), Calm ( honey & lavender ). The idea was to create niche natural package for soap with inartificial flavours in a special handmade box and with minimum clean attractive design. Here I used five light colors to separate different smells and added small pretty pictures of ingridients. I feel like that is a good detail to the simple use of fonts and straight lines. Small pictures gives more effort and individuality to the package.

Designed by: Anna Meleshina, Russia.


Smells like

Smells like2

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