Spice Mode

Spice Mode

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These Spice Mode concepts are each unique in there own way. Representing Indian cuisine, designer Isabella Rodrigues embodies the idea of handcrafted spices. Her use of typography on all 3 concepts are different but beautiful in there own way. I also love the use of color and layout on each product. You can see all 3 concepts and final result after the jump!

“Spicemode is a brand of spices to approach the lifestyle of Indian cuisine. We worked on several proposals to arrive at a result that would capture all this talk about handcraft that has Spicemode. We create the concept, labels, patterns for each Spicemode flavor. Among other aspects, it is interesting to note that, like all works of Isabela Rodrigues – Sweety Branding Studio, brought a strong identity and also emotional, the act of cooking. Spicemode has a e-commerce that sells all this flavors to worldwide.”

Designed by Isbella Rodriques, Brazil.


Spice Mode

Spice Mode2

Spice Mode3

Spice Mode4

Spice Mode5

Spice Mode6

Spice Mode7

Spice Mode8

Spice Mode9




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