Student Spotlight: Cat's Cradle

Student Spotlight: Cat’s Cradle

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“Before creating the package, Erin Zingré (University of Kansas) knew she wanted to design it expressly with cats in mind. To meet this aim, she conducted some market research, asking herself: What products do cats like? – The answer was simple, They like boxes….A whole lot.”




“Concept package design for Cat’s Cradle, a sling tailored to carry an emotionally needy cat. Cat’s Cradle provides warmth and security to your cat, while enabling you to accomplish your day-to-day activities. Each component in the packaging is a distinct product in and of itself that is tailored to your cat’s needs—making the entire package more sustainable.”

Design By: Erin Zingré, Student at the University of Kansas


Student Spotlight: Cat's Cradle

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