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Suni is a series of four beers that each have their own specific time of the day to be consumed at.

Nr 1 is a light beer, both in taste and amount of alcohol, that is suitable for lunches or early hangouts in the sun.

Nr 2 is a bit heavier in taste, and goes well with savoury dinners.

Nr 3 is the darkest of the four, with lots of flavor, and has a 5,2 percentage of alcohol. It’s best to enjoy this beer with friends after dinner before the night has taken over.

The last one in the series, Nr 4, is the lightest when it comes to taste, but the heaviest when it comes to alcohol. Buy it on your night out when you’re ready to have a good time.

The label has cut outs which, together with the yellow beer inside, becomes images of the sun going down over the ocean. The label with the barcode and info is cleverly hid on the side of the bottle, so not to interfere with the front design.

Designed by: emelie svensson, Sweden.










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