Taaibos Craft Beer

Taaibos Craft Beer

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Taaibos for the tough guy

Taaibos beer is suitable for the tough guy. The target market is men, age 18 to 35, who like drinking beer with interesting flavours. He is a nature enthusiast who like to visit new places and experience new things. The tough guy doesn’t like monotony and prefer a beer with an unusual taste. Tough guy is an association with the Taaibos tree widely found in parts of South Africa. The tree is able to adjust in almost any environment.

Taaibos is a balanced and refreshing Ale beer with a sweet malt aroma, sharp spicy flavour and a fruity undertone. The fruit and spice flavour adds to the unique taste. The spice flavour is suggestive of the tree’s thorns that leave a flaming sensation when coming in contact with the skin. The fruit flavour is suggestive of the tree’s sweet and sour fruits.
Label design for beer bottles – front and back
Strawberry & Chilly flavour
Cherry & Cinnamon flavour

Designed by: Marlize Smith, South Africa.


Taaibos Craft Beer

Taaibos Craft Beer2

Taaibos Craft Beer3

Taaibos Craft Beer4

Taaibos Craft Beer5

Taaibos Craft Beer6

Taaibos Craft Beer7

Taaibos Craft Beer8

Taaibos Craft Beer9


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