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Designed by: Matadog Design, Greece.
Designer: Andreas Kioroglou

After two years of designing, researching and testing, Andreas Kioroglou, founder of the award winning design studio MATADOG DESIGN has developed the ultimate sustainability shoe packaging solution, as it incorporates a number of innovative features.
It’s designed to be more sustainable and cost effective compared to traditional shoe boxes by using much less cardboard and less volume.
It uses 20-57% less material and occupies 20-50% less volume.
It is designed to be cost efficient in matters of production and transportation and above all designed in such a way to improve personnel productivity and user experience. It is designed to be flexible in stacking allowing them to be stored in many new and interesting ways.
It eliminates the use of bag as it can be converted into a carry bag or shoulder bag to be easily transported by the customer.

Viupax™ kids version makes possible the box to be transformed into toys without the use of glue, scissors, knives and other paraphernalia.
It is protected by International Patents.

More details about Viupax™ : here
Video Link : Youtube














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