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WM Brewery The Drum Chipshop Award Winner 2017

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Designed by: Christopher Nixon, United Kingdom.


I take secret santa very seriously and this year I drew Wayne – a mild mannered, middle-aged web developer.

There’s nothing too distinctive to poke fun at with Wayne and each year he receives an off-the-shelf IPA to enjoy – but I felt I could go one better.I decided that I would home-brew Wayne a batch of his own IPA and brand the bottles around the long-running jokes, myths and legends that haunt the studio – involving every member of staff.

Each of the bottles name, ingredients and palette taste were bespoke for the individual; all aimed at poking fun at our faults.

After completing the project it was entered into the 2017 Drum Chipshop awards, which it went onto win in the self-promotion category.

To see more visit: www.chrisnixon.co.uk


WM Brewery1

WM Brewery2

WM Brewery3

WM Brewery4

WM Brewery5

WM Brewery6

WM Brewery7

WM Brewery8



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